Top 10 Highest Recorded Temperatures On EARTH!

Published on July 2, 2016 by admin

Our Sun batters the Earth with an enormous amount of energy every day, portions of which provide our planet with the light and heat necessary to support precious life. When temperatures get intolerable, most of us turn to the luxuries that keep us cool, but what if these services weren’t available? From the blistering heat of the Sahara Desert to the sweltering Death Valley, these are the highest recorded temperatures on Earth.

10. In Salah – Algeria (50.6°C/ 123°F)
9. Oodnadatta – Australia (50.7°C/ 123.2°F)
8. San Luis Rio Colorado – Mexico (52°C/125.6°F)
7. Jeddah – Saudi Arabia (52°C/125.6°F)
6. Nasiriyah – Iraq (52°C/ 125.7°F)
5. Tirat Tsvi – Israel (53°C/127.4°F)
4. Mohenjo-daro – Pakistan (53.5°C/ 128.3°F)
3. Sulaibiya – Kuwait (53.6°C/128.5°F)
2. Kebili, Tunisia (55°C/131°F)
1. Death Valley, California (56.7°C/ 134°F)

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