10 Most Painful Bug Bites In The World

Published on June 30, 2016 by admin

Top 10 of the worst insect, bugs, spider stings and bites on earth.

Insects and arachnids for the most part are harmless. They go about their business and rarely bother humans. That is until they feel threatened. While some have no stingers or means to bite, there are others that more than make up for it. From ants, to hornets, spiders and bees, these can be some of the most painful bites and stings if their paths are crossed. Some are actually relatively safe on their own, but get them in a group and that makes all the difference.
While some people avoid all creepy-crawlies like the plague, most of these creatures are harmless to humans. While most of them want nothing to do with us, some can deliver a lot of pain if they feel threatened. While a swarm of mosquitos is annoying and itchy, a swarm of bees is a very different story. Here are some of the most painful bites and stings in the world.
Otherwise known as the Killer Bee, this bee is a 1950s manmade hybrid of the Western and African honey bee. When it was originally crossbred, several swarms escaped quarantine and spread. Having inherited the bad temper of African bees, killer bees are very fast and have killed more than 1,000 people since they were made. While a sting from a single bee isn’t that bad, these bees are easily provoked and attack as a hive at the slightest move. To eliminate a perceived threat, they will chase their victims for half a mile or more.

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