10 Most Terrifying Creatures Found Inside Homes

Published on June 30, 2016 by admin

Top 10 creepy animals, bugs and insects hiding inside people’s houses.

Home, as they say, is where the heart is. For most, it is a safe and comfortable haven where one is entitled to their privacy and can live a life of security and protection from all elements and threats of the great outdoors. It is particularly disconcerting, then, when that safety is threatened, particularly when it comes to external and unwelcome forces. To most, that would typically mean the presence of a burglar or thief seeking to loot the home. Over time, though, this breach of a secure, personal space has also come from decidedly less human creatures.

The internet is full of harrowing horror stories of first-hand encounters with terrifying beings while inside one’s own four walls. Even YouTube has countless videos of supposed proof of species that have remained, as of yet, unknown to mankind. But nearly all of these incidents of otherworldly creatures have already been exposed as bogus, either through Photoshopped images, video hoaxes or simple, logical explanations that wind up being far less interesting than their fantastical, imagined alternatives. Still, there remains a level of wonder and fascination that exists with what else is out there in the universe, not to mention a sheer curiosity over the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of wild creatures venturing outside of their habitat to wander into a decidedly unfamiliar environment. And after all, there are just enough instances of weird and surprising happenings in the world to keep people mindful of expecting the unexpected.

In these 10 cases, the unexpected came in a way that was all too real for those who had the misfortune of encountering it. After all, it wasn’t like they were asking for such an experience. Some of the families on this list had been long-time residents of their house when an unwelcome visitor suddenly opted to pop in for a visit one day. In other cases, new homeowners were treated to the eye-opening realization that they had a roommate that they certainly weren’t counting on. In any event, the shock was a jarring one, both due to the formidably creepy presence of the beast – or beasts – that these poor homeowners encountered and for the setting that they violated. Not that these creatures were big fans of the encounter, either!

These chance meetings raise the question of just what you do when an unwanted and frightening creature does invade your home. Unless you are particularly bold and daring, chances are you might not want to confront it, yourself. As Detroit resident Ann Duke learned when she had the misfortune of finding a predatory hawk in her home, 9-1-1 won’t want anything to do with the problem, Animal Control won’t deal with any animal that is unable to walk and pest removal companies will be quick to pass any non-critters off on just anyone else that they can. As if contending with a wild animal in your home isn’t enough of a burden, the task of getting rid of it can be another challenge in and of itself.

Here are the stories behind the 10 scariest creatures found inside people’s homes:

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