10 Most Extreme Bodybuilders You Won’t Believe Exist!

Published on July 16, 2016 by admin

Top 10 amazing fitness people you need to see to believe.

Bodybuilders – love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are a sight to behold! Bulging muscles, insanely chiseled bodies… bodybuilders come in all shapes and sizes. From dwarves to hounds, here are some bodybuilders you won’t believe exist!
Canadian bodybuilder Peter Czerwinski, better known as Furious Pete, does more than just pump iron. He is a YouTube celebrity entertaining nearly 3 million subscribers, as he gives workout tips, prank ideas, and takes on all kinds of insane challenges, like eating huge spoonfuls of flour and downing a full bottle of hot sauce. Pete has toured the world as a competitive eater, and holds a slew of Guinness World Record titles including eating a raw onion in only 43.53 seconds and chugging a 750ML bottle of olive oil in 60 seconds. Aside from these crazily impressive records, Pete recently inspired millions, by beating cancer; twice. He has never stopped being his fun-loving self, continuing to accept challenges on his channel and coaching others to reach their fitness goals.
32-year-old Danny Davidson, a bodybuilder and personal trainer from Essex, England, drinks 100ml of breast milk several times a week to give him that athletic edge. Davidson began drinking breast milk five years ago and truly believes that it is the secret to his strong, toned physique, though he may be risking his health in the process. He buys the milk from strangers online; that, along with the fact that the milk is obviously unpasteurized and unscreened leaves Davidson susceptible to bacteria, HIV, and other illnesses. But Davidson insists that the risk is worth it.

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