10 Amazing Mind Tricks and How They Work!

Published on June 30, 2016 by admin

Top 10 mind blowing brain teasing optical illusions explained.

Do you use your left or right brain more? Are you in a good mood all the time or does your mood fluctuate? If you’re the typical member of the human race, you’ve probably tried to self-diagnose yourself using optical illusions with intrigue. Optical illusions are defined as images that differ from what we see as reality. These images often make us question what is real and what is not. We can learn a lot about ourselves through the study of optical illusions, but lately it seems that not all of them are as they seem. Optical illusions have existed for decades as a way to train our brains and to help us figure out how our brain thinks. Lately, the media has us convinced that our personalities can be detected and analyzed based on optical illusions. So when an illusion is debunked, it can rattle our sense of identity as we have no idea how to analyze and decipher ourselves.
Here are ten optical illusions that have been debunked. Sometimes there are logical explanations to these illusions that are much simpler than a trick of the brain. Even though these illusions have been debunked, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t learned more about yourself. If anything, knowing that these optical illusions can be debunked should empower you to be able to look at them more logically and try to find an explanation as to how it works. Many times it’s a simple trick of the eye and how it see color and angles.
For years, optical illusions have been fun for people to look at and amazing when you think about how they trick our brains. But there are some optical illusions that can be explained without having to twist your brain around too much. Follow along as we debunk ten optical illusions for you right now!

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