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how to get rid of dark circles fast

How to Remove Dark Circles in 2 Days

Remove Dark Circles with home remedies in just 2 days. Natural home remedies to remove dark circles under the eyes.   1. Cucumber Cucumber is the most applied home remedies to get rid of dark circles under eyes. How to Apply : Cut a fresh cucumber into thick slices and place a slice over each […]

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Height Increasing Foods

What to Eat to Increase Height

6 Amazing Foods to Increase Height. Include these amazing foods in your diet to increase height naturally. 1. Eggs Eggs are wonderful source of protein and are harmless even if you consume them in regular basis. Taking 3 to 6 eggs will increase your height.   2. Milk Milk is rich in calcium, an important mineral […]

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milk for face

Top 5 Foods for Skin Whitening

5 Best Foods for Skin Whitening. Best Skin Whitening Foods to Eat.   1. LEMON Lemon acts as a natural bleach as it contains vitamin C and the acidity present in the lemon, helps in whitening the skin. Drinking lemon water will help in making the skin beautiful and glowing.   2. MILK Milk is a […]

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Top 5 Foods to Increase Height

Top 5 Amazing Foods that Increase Height. List of 5 Height Increasing Foods To Grow Taller For Real. 1. MILK Milk is an excellent source of calcium. It has vitamin A which preserves calcium in the body. It also contains protein which helps in building our cells. Skimmed Milk is free from fat and contains 100% protein. […]

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exercise to increase height

How to Increase Height After 18

How to Increase Height After 18. Everyone wants to grow taller and this article can help you fulfill that dream. The question everyone asks is how to grow taller in a short period of time. Others, usually teenagers who want to be taller than their peers, ask which exercises they should do to gain height […]

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What to Eat to Gain Weight

What to Eat to Gain Weight. It is absolutely essential that you still eat healthy foods and live an overall healthy lifestyle. Now let’s look at several effective ways to gain weight fast. 1. EGGS   Eggs contains a good amount of calories, fat and protein and are a popular food among people who wish […]

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pregnancy tips

Preparing For Pregnancy

Almost every woman is blessed with the capacity to bear a child at least once in her lifetime. It is considered to be one of the greatest gifts that a woman can give her husband. Bearing a child would make the couple more closer together, and at this certain point in their lives they can […]

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